About Zander Events Leicester


In 2009, Adrian Alexander, along with friends, managed to raise over £50,000 to re-develop a local children’s play area. When the play area had been completed, a grand opening took place. It was a fantastic family fun day with something for the whole community.

It was the marvellous atmosphere, diversity of people and the community spirit, that made Adrian want to continue this event, but under a company name, and so, Zander Events Ltd was born.

The family fun day continues to be held on an annual basis but has now evolved and is known as Western Park Festival, one of Leicester’s largest low cost one day festivals.  It regularly receives in excess of 10,000 visitors throughout the day.

Adrian decided, that where possible he would add a charity element to any event that Zander Events successfully completes.

As well as Western Park Festival, other fun events have been Glamorous Christmas Parties in Leicester and Charity Golf Days. So far, Zander Events have helped raise almost £10,000 for good causes.

Events that have been held to date can be found on our Leicester Local Charities page.